Results of the new OECD’s Survey on Social and Emotional Skills published – Helsinki included for the second time  

OECD’s second international survey on social and emotional skills has been completed. In 2023, the City of Helsinki participated in the study among 14 other sites. Around 5000 children and youths from our city’s comprehensive schools, high schools and Helsinki Vocational College, along with their parents, teachers and principals gave their answers in the study last autumn.  

Helsinki was also involved in the first round of the OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills carried out in 2019 (page in Finnish). The results can therefore be compared to the results from four years ago.  

The OECD’s Survey on Social and Emotional Skills uses an assessment framework of 15 social and emotional skills across five domains: task performance, emotion regulation, engaging with others, open-mindedness and collaboration.