The City of Helsinki Education Division enables lifelong learning for people of all ages in Helsinki – children, young people and adults.

The division is in charge of municipal early childhood education, pre-primary education, basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and liberal adult education in Helsinki. The division operates under the direction of the Education Committee. The Committee has both a Finnish-language and a Swedish-language sub-committee. Operations and administration are directed by Head of Education Division Satu Järvenkallas.

The Education Division operates with approximately 14,000 employees in over 700 locations

  • nearly 30,000 children in early childhood education and pre-school education
  • about 45,000 students in basic education (in comprehensive schools, or in primary schools and lower secondary schools)
  • more than 20,000 students in high schools (in upper secondary schools) and Stadin AO (in vocational education)
  • more than 100,000 adult students at the adult education centres

The services by the Division in Helsinki are complemented by numerous private organisations and government.

Our operations are based on these plans

Our curricula are based on the national core curricula.

All of our operations are also guided by the Helsinki City Strategy and the city’s annual budget, with binding, operational and performance goals.

A Place of Growth

Helsinki City Strategy 2021—2025

Learning paths

There are also several learning paths or continuums, that complement the goals of the curricula and integrate the learners’ learning pathways – many of which extend from one educational level to another.

Whole city as a learning environment

Pedagogy that emphasizes lifelong learning requires adaptability on the learning environments. During renovation or new construction, education services are moved to temporary learning facilities, where the learning takes place until the actual or new space can be returned to. Come and explore the virtual learning environment:

Photo by Jefunne Gimpel