Learner’s digital path for the Basic Education

Photo: Riku Ounaslehto

The Learner’s digital path is a tool to help teachers teach digital skills from the point of view of media literacy, programming and practical skills, with consideration to the content of different subjects. The path is built to develop digital competence skills year-on-year. It includes age-appropriate objectives and exercises to practice different digital skills in a concrete way.

The Learner’s digital path objectives are divided into four sets of objectives based on the national New Literacies Programme descriptions (media literacy, programming skills, and competence in information and communications technology):

  • Interaction
  • Own production and creative production
  • Practical skills
  • Safety and responsibility

The exercises include clear instructions and material for lessons. The path has also been published in Finnish and Swedish.


Exercise paths

  • The exercise paths and objectives can be found on the OmaOps platform, where the pupil and teacher can assess and monitor their achievement.
  • Exercise paths are also available on ThingLink.