Helsinki Learns – Future Competences

Education 2030, Helsinki Learns – Future Competences builds our shared vision of a desirable future. Our objective is to strengthen Helsinki residents’ well-being and good learning. We want to build education that is safe and equal and promotes a sense of community. The joy of learning can be seen in our everyday activities. 

Our goals for the coming years: 

  • We are strengthening key competences and skills, and the development of social and emotional skills 
  • We are working towards equal learning 
  • We are ensuring a sense of community, safety and well-being in everyday life 
  • We allocate resources to staff competence and well-being 
  • Our work is steered by research and data 

In accordance with the City Strategy 2021–2025, Education 2030 will span across council periods of office as part of the City’s strategy, budget, action plans and general development. We will also pick highlights for future curricula and early childhood education and care plans, as well as qualification requirements and implementation plans. Our guiding principle is that Education 2030 provides shared guidelines while also clearly leaving space for playgrounds, daycare centers, schools and education institutions to make their own choices. 

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