Tinkering to take on the world

Through the ‘Tinkering to take on the world – joy and innovation in learning’ project, maker culture was introduced in schools in Helsinki.

This handbook Tinkering to take on the world – joy and innovation in learning (PDF) comprises the key results of the project. The pupils and teachers of six schools in Helsinki took part in planning the makerspaces and activities through design workshops, where plans were refined through a so-called Edukata design process.

In part 1, we learn about the Edukata model and find out how a participatory design process can be utilised with pupils when designing makerspaces. Based on the ideas of these design days, a design agency produced an interior design concept for each project school. The plans were implemented by utilising old furniture and equipping the spaces with maker tools, such as 3D pens, vinyl cutters, microcontrollers and 3D printers.

Part 2 will shed light on the Makerspace Helsinki concept and the planning and implementation of makerspaces and their activities. Makerspaces and the new working methods were introduced with the help of a maker trainer. The trainer visited the schools to hold maker workshops for pupils and teachers, and the new premises were taken into use at schools, both during lessons and break-time maker clubs.

Part 3 describes in more detail what maker activities mean in practice and what kinds of projects can be implemented by tinkering.