Learner’s Digital Path at Grades 7-9 (Wizard)

Practical skills

  • I can use office programmes and cloud services in a variety of ways and choose the right programme for the purpose (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Google tools). 11
  • I can use an image editing programme (e.g. Gimp, Pixlr). 12
  • I can grasp the general logic behind the use and operation of different programmes.
  • I can identify different file types, name files sensibly and group them logically (file manager).
  • I understand the principles of algorithmic thinking 13 and can write my own programmes in a text-based programming language.
  • I’ve looked into the operation of robots and their role in society.
  • I can create a digital portfolio in more than one different learning environment and incorporate or embed many different elements in it. 14

Responsible and safe use

  • I can operate safely online and follow good online etiquette.
  • I know the consequences of irresponsible and illegal activities. 15
  • I understand the concepts of data protection and copyright and can act accordingly.
  • I understand that important files need to be backed up and that I can protect myself from potential security risks.
  • I work in a healthy and ergonomic way.

Applied, exploratory and creative work

  • I can search for information in many ways and I can add links to information sources in my own work.
  • I can evaluate the reliability of internet data sources and compare different sources critically.
  • I can utilize technology and choose the presentation according to the intended use.
  • I can use an electronic portfolio platform, and set and monitor goals there.
  • I understand how the internet and social media work and what they mean in today’s world.
  • I can interpret and evaluate different media texts and act as a producer in different online communication environments.
  • I can use digital tools and working methods to interact inside and outside the school. 16


11 E.g. word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets and drawing

  • I can use the advanced functions of a word processing programme in many ways (eg table of contents, references, list of sources, headers and footers, mathematical formulae)
  • I can use the functions of a spreadsheet programme in a variety of ways (simple commands such as average, calculate and sum, processing and presenting statistics, adding charts)

12 E.g. resizing, adjusting colours, merging images

13 Algorithm: A detailed description of how a task or process is performed and what parts it consists of (e.g. a cooking recipe is an algorithm).

14 Creating a portfolio, for example in Sites, Classroom or other different environments, and embedding videos, images or text in it.

15 E.g. https://nettinappi.fi/tietoalue/netti-ja-media/

16 Creating (and assessing) shared projects with others in your own school or with other people outside your school. Understanding the importance of coworking and the division of work tasks in shared digital projects.