Learner’s Digital Path at Grades 1-2 (Virtuoso)

Practical skills

  • I can switch various IT devices on and off.
  • I use the devices safely, taking care of their condition.
  • I can log in and out of devices, programmes and applications.
  • I recognize the icons of the functions I need. 1
  • I can write, draw and take pictures with different devices and save my work.
  • I am learning to create files and folders, and naming, sharing and finding them later. 2
  • I use both hands on the keyboard when practising keyboard skills.
  • I can use inputs such as mouse, keyboard and touch screen.
  • I can give simple commands and try how they work in games or with robots.

Responsible and safe use

  • I can take care of usernames and passwords.
  • I recognize the features of an untrusted site and avoid using them. 3
  • I can tell an adult if I see anything suspicious or unpleasant online.
  • I follow the age limits set by an adult when using different devices.
  • I respect the privacy of others and share photos and videos of others only with permission.
  • I will not, without permission, publish images, text or other content that is not mine.
  • I practise limiting the time I spend in front of the screen.
  • I am learning to use the appropriate working position.

Applied, exploratory and creative work

  • I can choose a keyword and enter it into a search engine.
  • I understand that not all information found on the web is true.
  • I can express myself with an image, video, sound or text.
  • I explore new digital environments and practise working in them.
  • I am learning to produce content for an electronic portfolio.


1 The symbols used in software and systems are generally universal, ie the icons of the basic tools and functions correspond to each other regardless of the user interface. The student practices recognizing the general features of icons and their corresponding functions and is able to apply what they have learned in new applications as well.

2 At its simplest, creating a file means, for example, saving a text file or image to an appropriate destination, such as a folder shared with a teacher in the cloud service. Compiling student files into a folder that the student knows and finds is the simplest way to build a electronic portfolio.

3 E.g. a great number of ads and pop-ups.